111,Inc. Introduction

111, Inc. was co-founded by Gang Yu and Junling Liu in 2010. Today, the company is a leading digital and mobile healthcare platform in China, digitally connecting patients with drugs and healthcare services, to build the largest healthcare platform in China.

The combination of our industry-leading digital infrastructure and growing smart supply chain network enables us to equip businesses and doctors with the tools and technology to better serve patients like never before. In the traditional model, healthcare participants must navigate a complex and disconnected system, leading to higher costs and inefficiencies throughout the supply chain. Now, through our next-generation S2B2C model ("Supply chain platform" to enable "Businesses" to better serve "Consumers"), all parties are interconnected through our omni-channel platform, offering more efficient and effective product commercialization for pharmaceutical companies, increased patient access for doctors, and better healthcare management for patients.

The main business lines of 111, Inc. include: 1 Drugstore (online B2C pharmacy platform), 1 Clinic(Internet hospital ) and 1 Drug Mall (online B2B pharmacy platform). Through innovative S2B2C models, fully realizing the integrated development of B and C, online and offline, self-operating and platform, and medical + pharmaceutical + insurance. On September 12, 2018, 111,Inc. became the first Internet health company from China to list on an US stock exchange (NASDAQ: YI).